Use of IATI in Country Systems

French Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Development | Cote d’Ivoire, Senegal, Madagascar, Chad, Burkina Faso

The goal of this year-long program was to equip partner country governments with the skills, tools, and knowledge needed to gain operational value from existing IATI data, while providing feedback to the IATI community on improvements that can help increase the use and value of IATI data for partner countries. 

During the first phase of the program, the project team assessed data quality for the largest IATI publishers in each of the focus countries. The second phase focused on importing IATI data into country systems, which included developing an open source IATI-AIMS Import Tool, training country government staff, and documenting learnings about country awareness, concerns, challenges, and opportunities for using IATI data.

An initial import the import of IATI data resulted in the addition of hundreds of millions of dollars of aid flow information, previously ‘blind spots’ for the country governments. However, when asked, data quality (timeliness, information around validation processes) and publication in the official government language both ranked highest in government priorities for improving the usefulness of IATI data. 

Download and read the full report.

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