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The Information Management System (IMS) is designed to improve coordination among the many country offices, mechanisms, and departments that make up the UN. The system allows users in more than 130 country offices globally to report on their progress toward increased cooperation and knowledge sharing. It is comprised of two data entry modules tailored to separate reporting structures, which then feed into an integrated reporting module. Users can access reports on composite indicators, dashboard comparisons of key metrics across regions, and ad hoc customized spreadsheets.

The result of the system has been improved coordination and data management; data visualization and analysis, and intuitive data entry. The IMS reporting module allows for user-centered easy visualization of progress toward goals, comparison of performance across countries or regions, and distinguishing characteristics of individual country offices

IMS Demo

Example of a Country Coordination Profile Dashboard within IMS

“The IMS built by Development Gateway has started a data evolution within our office. It is triggering a redefinition of our added value as a UN unit. Senior management are keen to get the data in the system as it helps them coordinate and prioritize for the new development agenda. We are now able to manage 132 countries worth of data according to our priorities and serving many needs – from performance appraisal, to global reporting to strategic planning.”

—Team Leader Knowledge and Innovation, United Nations Development Operations Coordination Office

Within the first reporting cycle, data from the IMS was already being publicly cited by the head of the UNDP and used to drive high-level policy decisions around initiatives, including the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Specifically, UNDG’s IMS data served as the backbone for the results and coordination data contained in the report “Together Possible: Gearing up for the 2030 Agenda”.

Currently used by 300+ staff worldwide, the IMS streamlines data entry and validation processes, and ensures quality control and protection of sensitive data. 

“IMS collects the first ever UN data on ‘country readiness to implement the SDGs’ – including how much and what kind of support countries anticipate needing to ready themselves to implement the SDGs locally.”

— Team Leader, Knowledge and Innovation, United Nations Development Operations Coordination Office

An API is presently being developed, which would pull selected data from the IMS for display on a public-facing platform, to better communicate UNDG’s strategic goals and ongoing programmatic work.

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