Cities Data Toolkit

Cities Alliance | Ghana, Ethiopia, Uganda, Mozambique

The Cities Data Toolkit aims to equip sub-national level planners with the information they need to better understand, govern, and plan for their city’s future. Together with Athena Infonomics, DG developed a practical toolkit to diagnose a city’s data ecosystem that combines relevant best practices in urban data collection, management, and use. As part of the DfID-funded Future Cities Africa Initiative, the toolkit specifically focuses on the resiliency planning needs of secondary cities in Africa.

The beta toolkit considers city data requirements, management, and utilization to generate a composite score, and is designed to be used iteratively over a city’s data management life cycle to support day-to-day data needs and operations. By first seeking to understand the enabling and structural context of a city, the toolkit aims to meet a city where it is – regardless of its level of data maturity – and allow the city to own its data process.

As a resource for city planners, the toolkit supports local planning outcomes and data-driven decision making. For example, the toolkit allows a city planner to identify a priority sector or intervention area, and then access a portfolio of decision support tools like relevant case studies. To understand demand by local officials, the project team's approach was first “ground-truthed” with governments in Ghana, Ethiopia, Uganda, and Mozambique. The toolkit was then tested in Ghana and Uganda, where there was considerable interest by local officials for the value it could bring to their work on city data management. 

Partner: Athena Infonomics

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