UNICEF Data Strategy

UNICEF | Papua New Guinea, the Philippines, Thailand

UNICEF, with support from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, has recently unveiled a new organizational data strategy. It is aimed at ensuring data “works” for children.

DG is working with UNICEF in East Asia and Pacific region (specifically focusing on Papua New Guinea, the Philippines, and Thailand) to build out country and regional data action plans. With DG's help, UNICEF strives to identify exactly where they should be investing to have the greatest impact for children.

This may mean implementing a few different changes in the way UNICEF functions. But above all, UNICEF aims to shift focus from collecting massive, rarely-used amounts of data, to informing “smart demand” of data -- collecting information with specific decisions and problems in mind.

The country and regional data action plans aim to help UNICEF understand where it is best-placed to support data for country priorities. We also seek to identify how UNICEF can best engage with the broader community to circumvent possible roadblocks.

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