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Over the next two years, DG will be completing a series of data use projects in Senegal and Uganda.

The project will facilitate implementation of the Open Contracting Data Standard, as well as linkages with other key data sets such as budget data. However, above all, we will focus on collaborating with local actors, understanding their needs from procurement data, and designing and developing tools to focus on these needs. Additionally, we are promoting active citizen engagement on these issues.

We are starting by conducting assessments, understanding the “lay of the land” to scope out the challenges and opportunities. We’ll talk to a variety of stakeholders, and brainstorm tools that can help address their needs. Next, we’ll begin co-creating tools that help these stakeholders understand procurement better. We’ll base these tools on tools we’ve already built, such as the M&E and Corruption Risk Dashboards. After building tools, we’ll work with our partners in training and a variety of other initiatives to stimulate data use focused on improving procurement results.

Additionally, we look forward to drawing on strong partnerships in the OC space, as well as in the focus country governments themselves. DG has a longstanding partnership with the Ugandan government, and have been working in Senegal (including on procurement assessments) since 2008. Both Uganda and Senegal have publicly available Aid Management Platforms, and we are pleased to collaborate with governments with demonstrated interest in opening data.

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