Strategic Advisory Services

We work to address cross-cutting challenges; prioritizing investments in data and information systems, incentivizing and empowering data users, and assessing the impact of data on decision makers.

Through Development Gateway's work with the UK’s Department for International Development (DFID)Global Affairs Canada (GAC), and UNICEF, we have a growing reputation and skill set for helping institutions understand their decision-making processes; the role of data in those processes; and where investments in both internal (e.g., program funding and results) and external (e.g., demographic or SDG) data can help to achieve institutional goals and priorities.

Detailed data management plans in support of any DG technology implementation are an organizational strength and priority. Critically, these activities also build institutional knowledge and a relationship that make DG a more attractive partner to these organizations and their service providers.

Agency Level Engagement

Since 2017, DG has been engaging with DFID and GAC to assess current results information use within each agency, and identify strategic opportunities for increasing the utility and use of data in planning and program management processes.

This work includes holistic assessments aimed at identifying the political, technical, and practical obstacles to improving results data use. Learnings from the assessment will serve as an input for developing, testing, and scaling new tools and processes to improve agency use of results data. This approach is collaborative, continuous, and iterative so as to arrive at tools that are useful and tailored to the needs of each agency.

DG is also working on a two-year, 9-country, three-region project supporting UNICEF’s Data for Children Strategic Framework. This work includes conducting extensive desk research and in-country key informant interviews with over 250 stakeholders across Myanmar, Papua New Guinea, Philippines, Thailand, Viet Nam, Lesotho, Ethiopia, Ghana, and Equatorial Guinea. We have also conducted landscape assessments for the UNICEF East Asia and Pacific Regional Office and the West and Central Africa Regional Office.

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