Open Contracting & Procurement Analytics

Helping government and citizens improve efficiency, combat corruption, and gain better value for money.

The Issue

Each year, governments spend trillions of dollars through public procurement of goods and services. Much of that funding is lost through waste or corruption. Effective harvesting and analysis of procurement data can streamline public procurement markets, reduce waste and graft, and give citizens confidence that their governments are spending tax money wisely.

Our Vision

DG provides a line of tools and services aimed at helping governments and citizens leverage public procurement data to improve service delivery. Our holistic approach addresses (i) legal and regulatory frameworks; (ii) technical infrastructure; (iii) data management and requirements, and (iv) institutional and political support in public procurement.

At the core of our vision lies our Open Contracting Explorer, an open source tool for storing, disclosing, and analyzing procurement data. We take data directly from government sources and convert and publish the data in the Open Contracting Data Standard (OCDS), allowing it to be viewed through a suite of interactive tools for data visualization and in-depth analytics. The Open Contracting Explorer contains three distinct open-source tools:

Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) Dashboard

The M&E Dashboard aims to help procurement officials and citizens to gain insight on the efficiency, competitiveness, and fairness of procurement practices using interactive charts, graphs, and web GIS. This flexible tool also helps users to understand where procurement creates value for money. For more information, see our collaboration with the Vietnam Public Procurement Authority, and take a look at our M&E Dashboard demo.

Corruption Risk Dashboard

DG’s Corruption Risk Dashboard uses high powered analytics and global research to identify risk profiles for potential corruption in procurement. This red flagging tool can assist governments in identifying procurement activities that merit in-depth auditing or public scrutiny and to view fluctuations in corruption risk – including fraud, collusion and process rigging – over time. Take a look at the Corruption Risk Dashboard.

Contract Explorer

To help citizens “follow the money,” the Contract Explorer enables users to view each contracting process from program planning, through tendering, award, contract, and implementation stages. This unique search engine and repository ensures that citizens have access to full procurement data in an easily digestible format; they can also download the data to use it as they like.

Our Experience


  • In Senegal and Makueni County, Kenya, DG is working with procurement authorities and citizen groups to co-create procurement analytics tools and strengthen data use practices.
  • In Vietnam, DG implemented OCDS and deployed the M&E Dashboard to enable the Public Procurement Agency (PPA) to use analytics to support its monitoring objectives.
  • With support from the Open Contracting Partnership, DG developed a prototype Corruption Risk Dashboard that helps officials identify potential collusion, rigging, and fraud in public markets. 
  • In Nepal, DG led an open contracting pilot implementation in partnership with the government, World Bank, and civil society.
  • Through the dgMarket procurement platform for the European Union, DG was one of the first organizations to pilot OCDS (see
  • In Bandung, Indonesia DG worked with a developer from the city government and the World Bank to implement OCDS.


  • In Chile, DG is working with ChileCompra to develop a data catalogue, analyze procurement data quality, and provided strategic advice on OCDS implementation.
  • In West Africa, DG worked with the UK Foreign & Commonwealth Office and Open Contracting Partnership to conduct rigorous assessments of the technical, political and contextual aspects of the contracting process in five countries.
  • In the Philippines, Mongolia, and Tunisia, DG has led in-depth technical assessments of government systems, data collection and publication processes, legal frameworks, and public engagement.

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