Digital tools for MERL data

The Issue

MERL (monitoring, evaluation, research, and learning) data remain “stuck” in bulky and inflexible management information systems. Inability to quickly collect and use data often prevents effective management, adaptation, and learning within projects.

Our Vision

By creating a flexible and modular MERL management information system, DG is unlocking MERL data for better adaptive programming. Our lightweight, extensible, and customizable suite of digital tools for MERL allows for better data collection, management, sharing, and use. Adaptive programs require adaptive MERL systems that work in the field. AdaptMIS is optimized for low-bandwidth environments and provides customizable solutions for data collection regardless of the environment.

Tools for Monitoring

Save reports for routine use or develop ad hoc reports for data-driven decision making. Visualize data through modern, easy-to-use dashboards, charts, and maps.

Data Collection and Workflow

Create custom data entry forms with a survey module, offline data collection, mobile data. Create data validation workflows to ensure data quality among dispersed stakeholders.

Management of Diverse Data Types

Track M&E indicators, leverage quantitative/ qualitative data, documents, and GIS.

External Systems Integration

AdaptMIS integrates with external systems through flexible APIs.

AdaptMIS diagramAdaptMIS2


AdaptMIS was developed using open source technologies. Like all DG solutions, there are no licensing fees for AdaptMIS, ever.

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