Three key focus areas:

Effective Service Delivery, Total Resource Management, and Data Strategy and Policy

work together to support DG's mission.

They provide a blend of expertise at the field, country, and global levels. Learning from each pillar informs work and policy outputs across our entire portfolio. Throughout, we work to document our impact, capture lessons learned, and translate those lessons into relevant inputs to global policy.

Effective Service Delivery

Creating tools for evidence-based advocacy and decision-making to ensure our work's impact

We build digital tools through an agile, user-centered process, and deliver stable, powerful systems to inform decisions. All our systems are built using open source, modular components — making them easy to adopt, maintain, and scale.

Initiatives include:

Total Resource Management

Hands-on work used to inform national planning and drive global conversations.

DG has a strong footprint in public financial management, beginning with the aid effectiveness agenda and continuing through contracting and extractives data management. 

We serve as a link to country-level users of global data standards, providing critical feedback on what governments and civil society need in order to better use these data.

Initiatives include:

Data Strategy and Policy

Empowering governments, agencies, and international organizations to push the boundaries of development policymaking. 

We collaborate with development actors and partnerships to prioritize smart investments in data and information systems; incentivize and empower data users; and strengthen the impact of data in decision-making.

Initiatives include:

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