World Bank Contributes $2 Million to Development Gateway Foundation

May 11, 2006Andrea Calabrese

The World Bank has contributed $2 million to the Development Gateway Foundation, a non-profit organization that provides Internet-based solutions to strengthen governance and improve aid effectiveness in developing countries.

The Development Gateway was created within the World Bank and became an independent entity in 2001. Its programs help partner countries increase transparency and build capacity in procurement, financial management, civil society relations and other key areas.

The Foundation’s services include online government tendering systems, aid coordination and management tools, and online knowledge-sharing platforms at the global and local level. The Foundation also provides funding for e-government projects, and works with a network of 45 Country Gateways focused on local development needs.

“Information and communication technology can play a critical role in making aid and development programs more effective. The World Bank’s continued support and partnership is helping us bring new tools to governments and development professionals worldwide,” said Mark Fleeton, Chief Executive Officer of the Development Gateway Foundation.

"This contribution will help the Development Gateway advance its work to improve aid effectiveness and strengthen governance, and at the same time enhance its financial sustainability," said Jim Adams, Vice President for Operations Policy and Country Services at the World Bank.

In addition to the World Bank, donors and sponsors of the Development Gateway since 2001 include more than a dozen governments, plus private sector companies and organizations. The Foundation also works with hundreds of other organizations around the world.

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