Turning Goals into Reality

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With the United Nations General Assembly meetings fast approaching, our community has – rightly – moved from discussing what the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) will be, to how we can ensure that those goals are realized.

Whatever the final indicators may be, key to their success will be ensuring those involved in implementing related programs and policies not only have the right data, but also the ability to use that information.

Results data – information about indicators, outcomes, and impact – will be particularly relevant in this post-2015 context. We’re proud to announce a new initiative seeking to improve the quality and utility of results data for more effective development interventions. Through a series of in-country studies and quantitative crosswalks, we seek to develop a series of recommendations and action steps that can make results data more useful and shareable for increased efficacy.

As always, Development Gateway will continue to co-create innovative tools and processes to leverage data for impactful outcomes. This month, DG (through the AidData Partnership) will begin geo-locating all development projects in Niger. Making this information accessible to government and partner stakeholders through the country’s Aid Management Platform will help ensure priority sectors, such as health and education, receive adequate funding.

While meeting the SDGs will require much effort and collaboration between local, national, and international stakeholders, I am confident that – with continuing community interest, support, training, and dedication – we can turn these goals into reality.

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