Story from the Field: AMP Workshop'

February 3, 2012Andrea Calabrese

This Story from the Field comes from Djamila Kerim, a Development Gateway Senior Associate working on the Aid Management Program:

This year, I was able to attend the AMP workshop for a second time. The program is growing both with respect to the number of people participating, and the scope of activities we are discussing. This year, there were more than 90 participants from more than 20 countries. Many of them are beginning to see the potential to use AMP as much more than a computer system and more as a process of managing aid flows effectively.

During the conference, we were able to interview several of the participants. They mentioned how happy they were to attend the conference and several of them commented that they felt like they were part of a family through AMP.  In fact, I interviewed some of the participants from countries that do not have AMP and they said they wanted to be able to join the “AMP family.” 

Eight partner organizations were present during the workshop. Many of them gave good presentations that allowed the attendees to talk directly with the experts about the latest technologies to improve aid management. The attendees responded very well to this this. For example, following a presentation by Esri, two of the countries immediately started working towards geocoding their AMP data.

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