Report Launch: Avoiding Data Graveyards

Every day, governments, development partners, and civil society leaders make a multitude of decisions about how to allocate, monitor, and evaluate development assistance. But do these decisions rely on data – and, if so, how?

Last year, Development Gateway – with our partners at the AidData Center for Development Policy – undertook three country studies exploring how development data influence decision-making in Timor-Leste, Honduras, and Senegal.

We are proud to announce today the launch of the final report Avoiding Data Graveyards: Insights from Data Producers and Users in Three Countries.

Over the coming weeks, we will explore the report through three country-level posts (written by our DG researchers) that highlight key findings, recommendations, and the steps our partner governments have taken to increase the use of development data. We will conclude with a post exploring common themes across our case study countries, and what that should mean for future data uptake investments – stay tuned.

Save the Date: On April 24th, the AidData Center for Development Policy will host a DC discussion event "Avoiding Graveyards: What Makes Development Data Fit for Purpose?" More information to come.


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