RDI Policy Brief: Increasing the Impact of Results Data

We are pleased to share our Policy Brief: Increasing the Impact of Results Data, which distills findings from our Results Data Initiative (RDI).

Following nearly 500 interviews in Ghana, Sri Lanka, and Tanzania, this brief outlines insights on local attitudes toward – and use of – results data; the extent to which results influence policy and programs; and recommendations for improving future investments in results data.

As we continue pursuing a “data revolution” for sustainable development, we hope these insights help inform policy and programming decisions around development data. Specifically, we recommend future investments center around:

  • Creating incentives to use results data
  • Connecting resources with results
  • Sponsoring technologies that promote use – not just reporting
  • Generating local-level outcome data
  • Identifying and build up data leaders
  • Responding to local data demands

Please reach out with any questions or feedback; for country-specific reports, please visit the RDI webpage.

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