Nepal AMP Could be the Best Way to Improve Aid Information Availability

We are proud to announce that the Nepal Aid Management Program (AMP) has just received another kudos.

According to a "Pilot Study on Improving Aid Transparency," prepared by NGO Federation of Nepal, the Aid Management Program may be "the best" way to improve the availability of aid information to NGOs in Nepal:

The Aid Management Platform under the Ministry of Finance could work as the best mechanism on behalf of the Government in disseminating information on aid related issues along with donor or development partners including bilateral and multi-lateral agencies.

This acknowledgement follows an assessment by UNDP Nepal that recognized the Nepal AMP as “a very effective tool for the collection and dissemination of information related to foreign aid flows” used by most development partners.

Development Gateway’s customized AMP provides software tools and institutional strengthening for the Government of Nepal. Through a combination of process analysis, training, and technical assistance, Development Gateway worked with government partners to create a customized support package for better aid information management. The tool is used extensively by the Ministry of Finance, the National Planning Commission, several line ministries, and most development partners in Nepal.

The full public launch of the Nepal AMP is scheduled for early 2013. Any interested user will be able to access all data online for free, making the AMP an even more effective tool for transparency and effectiveness in Nepal.

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