Meet You in Cartagena

Next week, Development Gateway will be attending the Cartagena Data Festival – an event bringing together development partners, technical implementers, and civil society organizations to help solve “critical gaps in coverage, access, and analysis of data.”

As the partner to development organizations, foundations, and 25+ country governments around the world, DG is working hard to make open data matter to the people who make important development decisions. We’ve spoken before about what it takes to foster a strong open data ecosystem: a supply of high-quality, accessible data and demand from users who have the incentives and know-how to use this information. We’ll be bringing these lessons to bolster the conversations in Cartagena.

At the Data Festival’s Innovation Fair, DG team members will be on hand to demonstrate and discuss our work with the Aid Management Program, Open Schools Kenya, and Open Contracting in Nepal. All three of these case studies demonstrate efforts to make data open and meaningful through feedback loops, sustainable processes, interoperability, and community buy-in. But more importantly, DG wants to hear from you – to learn more about your experiences with implementing and incentivizing open data initiatives, and innovative ideas on how to ensure the Data Revolution makes a positive impact in our world.

To colleagues who will be at Cartagena – see you soon! For folks elsewhere, please follow along on Twitter using #Data2015.

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