Helping New EU Member States Fulfill Busan Commitments

Development Gateway is pleased to announce the launch of EU-DEVFIN, a platform that enhances official development assistance (ODA) reporting capacity for new European Union (EU) member states.

At the High Level Forum for Aid Effectiveness in Busan (2011), EU representatives committed to publicly disclose all aid information in a standardized, easily-accessible format. For newer EU states, this reporting requirement presented a challenge, and many governments resorted to cumbersome Excel sheets due to limited manpower, financial, and technical resources.

In response to these challenges, Development Gateway partnered with the European Commission to create a scalable software tool, EU-DEVFIN. This software is now deployed across ten countries: Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Poland, Romania, and Slovenia. Based in Ministries of Foreign Affairs, the platform allows officials to easily track and report ODA, and can generate on-demand reports and data visualizations.

Other key features of this platform include its release under an open-source license - currently available on Github - and the construction of an IATI-compatible import/export mechanism.

As a member of the IATI Steering Committee, and a partner of country governments and international organizations worldwide, Development Gateway is proud to facilitate the publication of standardized and accessible data. We remain committed to furthering open data and results management around the world.

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