Government of Kosovo and European Commission Launch Aid Management Platform to Support Transparency and Donor Coordination

October 26, 2010Andrea Calabrese

PRISTINA, Oct. 21, 2010 – At an international donors’ conference in 2008, more than 50 countries and international organizations pledged support to Kosovo’s socio-economic development. On Oct. 11, 2010, the Government of Kosovo and the European Commission Liaison Office to Kosovo (ECLO) launched the Aid Management Platform (AMP) at a public event in Pristina as part of a new program to support aid transparency and donor coordination. As a result, the government, its partners, and the public are now able to access information—including maps and data dashboards—on aid flows to Kosovo online. This makes it easier for donors to coordinate their activities and identify funding gaps, and for the public to track where aid is going.

The AMP program, implemented by Development Gateway International, not only aims to create a platform for donors, the government, and the general public to access information on donor-funded activities in Kosovo. It also aims to strengthen government capacity to manage and report on these activities.

AMP tracks aid flows to Kosovo along with project details, starting with 2009 activities. To date, AMP captures $1.4 billion in commitments from over 20 donor agencies, and links activities to specific sectors, to the Government’s fiscal framework, and to the European Partnership Action Plan. AMP is managed by the Ministry for European Integration (MEI), with data provided by donors on a quarterly or real-time basis.

The purpose of AMP is to serve as a “one-stop-shop” for information on donor-funded activities, making it easier to identify where aid is flowing, thereby reducing transaction costs for data gathering, reporting and coordination. The coming two years will further deepen the gains AMP has already made in building government capacity to analyze trends and make informed decisions about resource allocation, and improve coordination with and among donors.

AMP is currently active in over 15 countries across Europe, Africa, and Asia, where it is used by governments to manage aid flows, create official reports, and improve donor coordination and transparency. The AMP in Kosovo represents the first publicly accessible Aid Management Platform.

The two-year program of AMP implementation and related institutional strengthening activities in Kosovo is supported by the European Commission. The U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) provided assistance for the assessment phase in July 2009. AMP is a program of Development Gateway, created in cooperation with the OECD Development Assistance Committee, UNDP, and the World Bank, through support from the governments of Australia, Germany, Japan, and Switzerland.

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