Global Goals, Local Impact: IODC 2016

Next week, we will be at the International Open Data Conference in Madrid, where we look forward to discussing how global goals can translate to local impact -- and hope to see you at the following sessions in particular:

Extractives Data Dive
Monday 3-4 October
We look forward to demonstrating the EITI Data Portal and learning more about country-level data visualization and transparency initiatives.

Open Contracting Progress, Challenges, and Innovation
Tuesday 4 October
As one of the leading implementers of open contracting, DG will present what we’ve been working on, as well as demonstrating the eProcurement Toolkit with our partners from the Public Procurement Agency of Vietnam. We’re excited to share our experiences implementing and innovating, and learn what others are doing.

Openness and National Statistical Offices: A Review of Available Tools and Methods
Wednesday 5 October
This session will support data and open data efforts, with an emphasis on supply and demand for technical, process, and political support amongst national statistical offices. We look forward to sharing how DG is approaching this from a technology and data use perspective.

Data and the SDGs
Thursday 6 October, 12:00-12:45
With increasing consensus around the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) at the international level, how can we make these objectives matter in local contexts? This discussion will bring together government and NGO actors -- representing statistical offices, media outreach, research, and GPSDD convener perspectives -- to explore the steps needed to ensure the global goals address local, demonstrated needs.

Building Open Performance into the Fabric of Government
Thursday 6 October, 12:45-13:30
How do governments track and share performance data and how do we make these data useful and relevant? Government and NGO actors will discuss local-level and international uses of performance data, including making governments (and companies) more data-driven. We look forward to bringing perspectives and use cases from our RDI work, particularly while examining data use.

Open Agriculture Funding: Breaking Down Silos
Friday 7 October, 11:00-12:00
After a year of intensive consultation, the Initiative for Open Ag Funding has uncovered key barriers facing the agriculture and anti-hunger space, from a lack of published data, to poor quality data, to missing information. We look forward to sharing our findings from interviews with development partners, and workshopping next steps -- with the ultimate goal of better data, and better data use.

Image: International Open Data Conference 2016

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