Get Engaged with OpenAg beyond #IODC16

Development Gateway has been part of the Initiative for OpenAg Funding, which aims to end hunger and food insecurity by improving and making agriculture investment data more accessible, in order for practitioners to make better decisions about how to invest in these issues. We aim to work through the International Aid Transparency Initiative (IATI), which has already made huge strides in improving access to aid funding data at the project level.

As we shared during our IODC 2016 session around breaking down silos in agriculture funding, following a series of consultations (which you can read about in earlier posts here, here and here), and a landscape analysis to determine the best methods for incorporating our efforts, we have come up with a set of recommendations to improve and build upon IATI data to make it more beneficial for agriculture practitioners.

Now, we need your feedback! If you are someone who is looking to use this type of data, or are someone who publishes and provides this type of data, please take a few minutes to take this survey. We want to be sure what we are suggesting helps answer the right questions, and is feasible for data providers.

You can also get involved by joining our Community of Practice or signing up for our newsletter.

Image: Devon D'Ewart CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

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