Feedback Labs Summit 2016 - See You There!

Ensuring that those who are intended to benefit from our programs and services are involved in the process makes sense, right? Everyone should be nodding furiously.

What does it mean in practice? How do we incorporate constituent voices into the planning, execution, and evaluation processes?

At this year’s Feedback Summit, I’ll be leading a Labstorm (a collaborative brainstorm session designed to help an organization wrestle with a challenge related to feedback loops, with the goal of providing actionable suggestions) around action-izing findings from our Results Data Initiative.

If the value of data is dependent on the ability of a decision-maker to do something with data (as we found), but results data are often collected for decision-makers at the international or national levels, how can we use feedback from constituents to inform local-level outcomes without adding to the data burden? This question remains relevant as the international development community operationalizes the SDGs.

If you’re at the Feedback Summit, I hope you’ll join me as we try to understand how this can work in practice.

Image: Feedback Labs

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