EITI Data Portal Demo and Feedback at the EITI Global Conference

This week at the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI) Global Conference in Lima, Peru, DG was proud to unveil a prototype of the new Extractive Data Portal.

The portal seeks to embody the EITI Principles - that real transparency is not just about disclosing information, but rather ensuring that information is understandable, usable, and actionable.

Featuring country pages for each EITI member country, the portal highlights the results of each country’s EITI process, including bringing country-level data to life through time series analysis, dynamic visualizations, and interactive maps.

<p>EITI New</p>

New EITI.org.

The portal also seeks to advance public understanding of the natural resources value chain by making trends and complex concepts in the four technical languages (extractives, accounting, international development, and EITI) clear, engaging and interactive. Custom iconography, visualizations, and mapping help bring clarity and interest to concepts for non-technical users. Power users of the site will find easy access to full datasets and a flexible, extensible, and interoperable API.


Interactive chart on DRC country page showing government revenue by tax type.


Interactive Sankey diagram on Peru country page, showcasing the trail of disbursements.

DG hosted a session at the conference inviting stakeholders to test drive the prototype and provide feedback to inform future iterations.

Stay tuned for the full launch of the site in the coming weeks!

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