Development Gateway Extends Support in Tanzania

The Aid Management Program was first introduced in Tanzania in 2007. Working with the Tanzanian Ministry of Finance, the software platform was installed in 2008 and government officers and development partners trained to effectively use system. The platform now hosts over 1800 projects and holds historical aid records from 2001 to date.

Development partners currently update disbursement and other project information, producing flash reports on a monthly basis, and provide 3-5 year Medium-Term Expenditure Framework (MTEF) projections into the system, with Ministry of Finance staff validating data entered. This information is then used in the government’s budget planning process.

Development Gateway is proud to announce that it will continue to engage with the Government of Tanzania for the next 3 years (2013 – 2015), expanding the scope of the Aid Management Program and adding new software features that will enable more analytics and streamline the aid management process. New activities that will take place over the next three years will include:

  • Upgrading the software platform to AMP 2.0 which will not only include additional tools for reporting, monitoring, and analysis but will enable the Ministry to create maps directly from the system.
  • Train government staff and donors on the new features and revision in the management process.
  • Extend Aid Management Program to line ministries.
  • Assess possibilities for integration with the national budget system.

Development Gateway is pleased to be able to reference our experience working on aid management in 23 different countries to help build and strengthen the Government of Tanzania’s own management process, and applaud their efforts to increase aid effectiveness.

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