Development Gateway and ODAdata Team Up to Leverage Expertise in Aid Information Management

August 12, 2008Andrea Calabrese

WASHINGTON—The Development Gateway and ODAdata, two leading providers of aid information management systems, announced today that they have joined forces to provide effective, user-friendly, and results-driven applications to advance aid management and donor coordination efforts. This partnership leverages the expertise of both organizations, based on field operations in more than 12 countries.

The new alliance will help unite and harmonize the efforts of member states of the European Union and others to advance aid effectiveness. Aid information management systems have been widely recognized as essential tools for improving government and donor accountability, streamlining aid management practices, advancing donor coordination, and ensuring more effective alignment of donor activities with country strategies. Both the Aid Management Platform and ODAdata are key applications in this arena.

This new partnership will further expand and improve the services and technologies that support aid effectiveness. “It will ensure that lessons learned, good practices, and the unique expertise of both organizations will be used to improve our aid information management applications and features,” according to Mark Fleeton, CEO, Development Gateway Foundation.

Alexander Bohr, founder of ODAdata, said, “This cooperation guarantees sustainability of current and future ODAdata systems, while at the same time optimizing aid information management systems to better address the analytical needs of the aid effectiveness agenda.”

Development Gateway created the Aid Management Platform to build government capacity to better manage aid activities in support of the Paris Declaration on Aid Effectiveness. It was first piloted in Ethiopia in 2005 and has since been adopted by Bolivia, Burkina Faso, Burundi, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Malawi, Montenegro, and Tanzania. ODAdata was formed to strengthen donor coordination, harmonization, and alignment with country strategies. The European Commission and the member states of the European Union have endorsed ODAdata and supported the creation of the EU Blue Book, which provides key information and analysis on aid activities in specific countries. ODAdata, including the online EU Blue Book and ODAmap, is widely used by the donor community in Mozambique and Nicaragua.

ODAdata is a freelance consultancy group specializing in the implementation and administration of Aid Information Management Systems. ODAdata provides tools and maps for better donor coordination and harmonization, including the EU Blue Book and ODAmap. ODAdata toolsets are based on international best practices such as ODAmoz, the Mozambique Country Donor Atlas, and ODAnic, which includes the EU Blue Book. ODAnic and ODAmoz are the online accessible Official Development Assistance databases to Nicaragua and Mozambique.

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