Aid transparency tool launched to improve donor coordination in Nicaragua

November 25, 2009Andrea Calabrese

Development Gateway announced today the successful launch of the upgraded ODAnic and the release of the 2008 EU Blue Book. ODAnic is a publicly available online tool that facilitates donor coordination, aid transparency, and the management of aid information in Nicaragua.

In the forward to the EU Blue Book, Martin Johnston, the representative for Central America from the U. K. Department for International Development (DFID) and Mendel Goldstein, the head of the European Commission’s delegation to Central America and Panama, wrote, “As a result [of the EU Blue Book and ODAnic], our efforts in Nicaragua should have a wider impact, as the experience and lessons from ODAnic help to inform the global aid transparency dialogue.”

ODAnic compiles information on 660 aid activities in Nicaragua from 18 donors, including six non-EU donors and multilateral agencies. The online tool includes interactive features that allow the user to create basic and advanced reports by donor, sector, location, and the Millennium Development Goals. It was created to support the Paris Declaration for Aid Effectiveness.

The 2008 EU Blue Book was generated using the information captured by ODAnic. It provides a summary of European development cooperation and capsulated overviews of assistance for each donor. The publication increases the transparency of aid efforts to Nicaragua, serves as the basis for increased donor coordination and is an example of one of the benefits of implementing this type of aid management system.

ODAnic was created with support from the U. K. Department of International Development. Both DFID and the Danish Embassy in Managua supported the current project.

ODAnic and the EU Blue Book are available at:


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