Africa's global image.
Ethiopia, beginning of
Aid Management Program

The first country to adopt AMP, Ethiopia's Aid Management Platform has played a crucial role in shaping further enhancements and iterations of Development Gateway's flagship program.

  • Enduring partnerships
  • Collaboration for lasting outcomes

Development Gateway builds trust and ability among individuals interested in using AMP.

Government of Ethiopia Representative
Madagascar, beginning of
Aid Management Program

Magadascar has used the La Plateforme de Gestion de l’Aide to align projects with their national plans and to prepare the national budgets.

  • Results management
  • Capturing the full funding picture for better policymaking
Burkina Faso, beginning of
Aid Management Program

Combining two disparate systems into one platform, Burkina Faso's la Plateforme de Gestion de l’Aide facilitates data mangement, reporting, and improved decisionmaking.

  • Information management
  • Software tools to meet reporting requirements
Democratic Republic of Congo, beginning of
Aid Management Program

Launching their public portal in 2012, the government uses the program to not only manage aid flows, but also all investment financed by the state, private, and local investors.

  • Holistic resource management
  • Capturing investment flows for improved policy planning

[Before AMP] different ministries would speak directly with donor partners. Now… to acquire information the unique official source is AMP

Government Representative
Malawi, beginning of
Aid Management Program

The first government to geocode their AMP data, Malawi launched their public portal at an "Open Development for Evidence-Based Policy" workshop in 2013.

  • Leveraging GIS
  • Geocoding for better decision making

...the Public Portal of the AMP marks yet another milestone in the open development agenda, as all key stakeholders will have direct access to development aid data.

Maxwell Mkwezalamba, Malawi Minister of Finance
Mozambique, beginning of
Aid Information Management System

The country's updated system, ODAmoz 2.0, includes additional aid classification schemes, an interactive map, and new custom reporting tools. DG also trained Mozambique officials and evaluated budget information system integration.

  • Local ownership
  • Government administration for sustainable processes
Tanzania, beginning of
Aid Management Program

Connecting mainland and Zanzibar government officials and development partners, Tanzania's Aid Management Platform offers decentralized input control for better planning decisions.

  • Custom Solutions
  • Shaping technology to fit local contexts

...everyone can use AMP to analyze, to see, to view, and to provide any data.

Tanzania Development Partner Representative
Niger, beginning of
Aid Management Program

Niger's Plateforme de Gestion de l’Aide now includes AMP's robust GIS module to geolocate all development projects in-country.

  • Local ownership
  • Geocoding for better decision making
Senegal, beginning of
Aid Management Program

By successfully linking information captured in the AMP with the national budgetary database, the government of Senegal can capture the broader story of financial flows in-country.

  • System integration
  • Linking aid with government budgeting systems
South Sudan, beginning of
Aid Management Platform

With the foresight to implement their Aid Management Platform before independence in July 2011, the young nation of South Sudan leverages this tool to track donor-funded projects and commitments.

  • Local ownership
  • Government administration for sustainable processes
Uganda, beginning of
Aid Management Program

Connecting and geocoding government and donor-funded projects within a single system, once launched for the public AMP Uganda will increase transparency and improve decision making capabilities.

  • Public aid information
  • Geocoding for better decision making

We are accountable to the public, so anyone… should be able to access all of the information they need off the system.

Uganda Development Partner Representative
Liberia, beginning of
Aid Management Program
Kenya, beginning of
Open Schools Kenya

Engaging with community members to collect and combine locally- and government-sourced data, and provide a feedback mechanism for parents to improve education information. OSK is a join initiative of GroundTruth Initiative, Map Kibera, DG, Feedback Labs, and the Gates Foundation.

  • Citizen engagement
  • Interoperable education data
Chad, beginning of
Aid Management Program

Chad's AMP will include geocoded aid information and a public portal, signaling committment to granular, transparent information.

  • Transparent aid information
  • Vizualizing data for better decision making
Cote d'Ivoire, beginning of
Aid Management Program

Cote d'Ivoire is the first country to commit to geocoding project locations and launching a public portal during year one of AMP implementation.

  • Information transparency
  • Geocoding aid information

[AMP] will be a one-stop shop of information on aid flows that will improve efficiency in the monitoring and management of external resources that benefit our country.

Nial Kaba, CIV Minister of Economy and Finance
Somalia, beginning of
Monitoring & Evaluation System

DG maintains the USAID/Somalia Clearinghouse, a system that collects and reports on data entered by implementing partners and third-party monitors on USAID-funded programming within Somalia.

  • Data-driven decision making
The Gambia, beginning of
Aid Management Program

The Gambia will provide the Ministry of Finance and other policymakers with a more complete picture of the resources dedicated to promoting development.

  • Systems integration
  • Reducing duplication of efforts
Ghana, beginning of
Tunisia, beginning of

DG completed an assessment of the Government of Tunisia's e-procurement systems.


America's location region.
Haiti, beginning of
Aid Management Platform

Haiti's AMP public portal launched in 2013 and continues to serve as a critical tool for governments, donors, and citizens during reconstruction efforts following the catastrophic 2010 earthquake.

  • Responsive innovation
  • Custom module tracks damage reports and donor pledges

[AMP] will directly support our efforts to become an emerging economy by 2030.

Government of Haiti Representative
Honduras, beginning of
Aid Management Platform

The first Central American country to use the AMP, Honduras' public portal launch in 2013 was accompanied by a government-sponsored public awareness campaign.

  • Custom Solutions
  • South-South Cooperation tracking module
United States, beginning of
Worldwide, beginning of
Information Management System

A tool that will help United Nations Development Group staff around the globe to report progress on progress and share good practices.

  • Streamlined reporting
Colombia, beginning of

An open source GIS solution integrated into USAID/Colombia's existing M&E system allowing the visualization of disaggregated results data.

  • GIS technology for better decision making
Chile, beginning of

DG is working with ChileCompras to improve e-procurement and open contracting processes.


Europe's global image.
Kosovo, beginning of
Aid Management Platform

The first country to launch a public portal, Kosovo's AMP tracks over € 1.5 billion worth of project commitments utilizing data dashboards maps.

  • Government Transparency
  • Open-source and IATI-compliant reporting tool

…we are now more effective and more efficient because the information necessary is just one click away.

Development Partner Representative, Kosovo
Moldova, beginning of
Aid Management Platform

Moldova's public AMP tracks donor commitments via easily accessible, standardized dashboards and maps, and serves as the basis for official government cooperation reports

  • Ensuring quality data
  • Standardizing and validating aid information
Development Partner Representative, Kosovo
European Union, beginning of

A scalable platform that enhances official development assistance (ODA) reporting capacity for new European Union (EU) member states.

  • Results management
  • Open-source and IATI-compliant reporting tool
Norway, beginning of

DG partnered with the EITI Secretariat to develop the Extractives Data Portal.

United Kingdom, beginning of

DG has worked with the Foreign & Commonwealth Office on open contracting assessments across West Africa, and works with the Department for International Development around results-based programming.


Asia's global image.
Timor-Leste, beginning of
Aid Management Platform

Implemented in just 2 months - and made public 4 months later - Timor's AMP features a geocoded project map and is linked with the country's Integrated Financial Information Management System.

  • System integration
  • Connecting aid with national budgets

Transparency means transparency. We have nothing to hide.

Emilia Pires, Timor-Leste Minister of Finance
Lao PDR, beginning of
Aid Management Platform

Lao's public AMP tracks over US $3 billion in overseas direct assistance, serving as the foundation for Ministry of Planning and Investment annual reports to shape policymaking.

  • Data Analytics
  • Collecting information to evaluate trends and progress
Nepal, beginning of
Aid Management Platform

Nepal's public AMP includes a geocoded map of the country allowing policymakers, donors, and advocates to visualize ongoing project locations against key indicators such as population and literacy rates.

  • Data Vizualization
  • Layering datasets for a more complete policy picture

AMP gets everyone in the same room and puts information in a package.

Nepal Development Partner Representative
Kyrgyz Republic, beginning of
Aid Management Platform

Kyrgyz's Aid Management Platform will consolidate aid flow information to facilitate effective leadership and adherence to the national development strategy.

  • Results management
  • Aggregating information for impact
Asian Region, beginning of
Asian Development Bank Geocoding and GIS Visualization

Through the AidData Partnership, this work includes capturing the Asian Development Bank’s (ADB) portfolio - comprising 700 projects and 11,000 locations - and installing a geocoding toolkit integrated with ADB's existing systems. A scalable, public-facing geomapping platform is under development.

  • Geocoded aid information
  • Tracking development finance for better results
Vietnam, beginning of

Supporting the government’s interest in implementing open contracting principles and improving its monitoring and evaluation (M&E) of the procurement process.

  • Procurement transparency
Sri Lanka, beginning of
Bangladesh, beginning of
Mongolia, beginning of
Jordan, beginning of
Aid Management Program

DG is working with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation (MOPIC) to implement the Aid Flows Information System (AFIS). AFIS will leverage the best-in-class AMP technology, and help the government monitor official development assistance flows in-country. 

Thailand, beginning of