Extractives Data Portal

Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI) Secretariat | Norway

Featuring country pages for each EITI member country, the Extractives Data Portal brings country-level data to life through time series analysis, dynamic visualizations, and interactive maps, to highlight the results of each country’s EITI validation process. The portal also seeks to advance public understanding of the natural resources value chain by making trends and complex concepts clear, engaging and interactive. Power users of the site find easy access to full datasets and a flexible, extensible, and interoperable API. 

EITI home page

EITI Data Portal Homepage; see www.eiti.org

DG first began with an intensive two-week assessment process, which included in-person UX/UI design consultations in the Secretariat’s Oslo office. This process included audience definition, user identification, and iterative wireframing and design concept development based on good practices. Following the successful launch of a prototype, DG assisted EITI secretariat staff in gathering in-person user feedback at 2016 EITI Global Conference held in Lima, facilitated the launch of the EITI data portal in May 2016, and helped the Secretariat showcase the portal at the recent World Bank Group-funded International Open Data Conference held in Madrid.

Visit the EITI Data Portal (www.eiti.org)