Knowledge exchange for development workers

  Photo Credit: Abhijit Dey

Development workers around the world use Zunia.org on a daily basis to share knowledge, discuss challenges, and find partners. Whether training farmers on new irrigation technology, implementing sustainable microfinance programs, or using mobile technology to improve health monitoring, on-the-ground development workers need access to pertinent information and professional networks to achieve their goals. Zunia is a central hub for these resources, simultaneously facilitating relationships between development workers and providing free access to thousands of articles, reports, and studies related to development.

With over 50,000 registered users in 190 countries, content aggregated from over 200 development agencies, and over 125,000 content items, Zunia (formerly dgCommunities) provides access to a wealth of knowledge, resources, and networks on a range of development issues. Users can browse through content in topics ranging from e-learning to tourism to natural resources, and join groups of like-minded development professionals. This allows all development stakeholders, from practitioners working at the grassroots level to government and donor officials, to share resources and collectively achieve greater impact in their work.

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Owen Barder on aid and development

Zunia regularly features exclusive interviews with international development experts. Recently, Zunia interviewed Owen Barder, the Center for Global Developmentā€™s Director for Europe. Read his thoughts on the complex problem of development and the future of aid here.