Development Gateway offers global platforms, out-of-the-box technology tools, and custom solutions for individuals and organizations working in international development.  Programs include:

An initiative managed jointly by Development Gateway, the College of William and Mary, and Brigham Young University to make aid information more transparent and accessible.

Aid Management Program
A combination of software and institutional strengthening services to help governments track and report on aid-financed activities in their country.

A global e-procurement platform that provides access to tenders and contract opportunities financed by governments and donor agencies worldwide.

An online knowledge-sharing network for development practitioners, providing access to news, events, best practices and publications on a wide range of development issues.

Research and Innovation
Adapting and extending open source software components to address international development challenges.  Current work focuses on monitoring and evaluation, and leveraging mobile technology to create feedback loops.

Custom Solutions
Development Gateway also offers a range of custom solutions including software development; institutional strengthening; open data advisory services; geocoding and data visualization; and knowledge management.

Country Gateways
Locally owned entities that deliver web-related services for national development needs.