Current and former Development Gateway projects include the following, in collaboration with a number of public, private, and non-governmental agencies and organizations. Some projects are implemented through the AidData program, a joint initiative of Development Gateway and partners at Brigham Young University and the College of William and Mary.


Knowledge and Networking

Global Facility for Disaster Reconstruction and Recovery (GFDRR) Dashboard
This dashboard (forthcoming) provides access to aid activity records and information related to disaster relief, reconstruction and recovery efforts around the world. Developed for the World Bank, the dashboard helps turn data into easy to use charts, graphs, and visualizations.

 Maison du Développement is a common space for the francophone community to exchange information and resources on the latest technological innovations in international development. The initiative is supported by several organizations that communicate in French.


UN-Energy Knowledge Network
UN-Energy was initiated as a mechanism to promote coherence within the United Nations family of organizations in the energy field and to develop increased collective engagement between the United Nations and other key external stakeholders. It is used across the UN system to share information related to energy.

UNDP South-South Cooperation
Development Gateway assisted the UNDP Special Unit for South-South Cooperation with a number of case studies relating to strategic collaboration and aid management.


UNDP Teamworks
UNDP Teamworks is a social networking platform developed for the United Nations. It currently connects UN staff from 40 agencies, allowing them to easily connect and collaborate around the globe.

Virtual Statistical System (VSS)
VSS is a web portal that provides access to resources for statistical capacity building in developing countries and other interested parties. It offers a toolkit for researchers building or modernizing statistical systems.

Transparency and Accountability

African Development Bank
The African Development Bank (AfDB) Group and AidData partnered to develop an interactive map showing the precise locations of the AfDB's ongoing operations. The geocoded data include more than $10 billion in AfDB Group funding to 43 African countries. The map was created with support from Esri.

Kellogg Foundation

Kellogg Foundation
AidData is providing advisory services to the W.K. Kellogg Foundation for the geocoding of their grant activities.


Malawi Geocoding
AidData and Climate Change and African Political Stability (CCAPS) program at the University of Texas have partnered with the Government of Malawi to geocode all current aid activities in Malawi. The team is using the Aid Management Platform (AMP) implemented by Development Gateway to geocode the activities. This work will enable donors and the Government of Malawi to understand where aid is flowing within the country and how to better collaborate and utilize internal resources.

Mapping for Results
AidData and the World Bank Institute joined forces for the Mapping for Results initiative, which aims to increase aid transparency by geocoding project data. AidData provides technical oversight and quality control for the geocoding process, which follows the UCDP/AidData flexible methodology developed jointly with Uppsala University in Sweden.

Uganda Crowdsourcing
AidData, UNICEF, and crisis mapping software organization Ushahidi are working to connect aid activities with stakeholder feedback in Uganda. UNICEF and other stakeholders in Uganda can use this information to create a feedback loop between aid funders and intended beneficiaries.


Aid Management Platform (AMP) in Burkina Faso

Aid Management Platform (AMP) in Burundi

Aid Management Platform (AMP) in DRC

Aid Management Platform (AMP) in Ethiopia

Aid Management Platform (AMP) in Guinea-Bissau

Aid Management Platform (AMP) in Haiti

Aid Management Platform (AMP) in Honduras

Aid Management Platform (AMP) in Kosovo

Aid Management Platform (AMP) in Laos

Aid Management Platform (AMP) in Liberia

Aid Management Platform (AMP) in Liberia GIS

Aid Management Platform (AMP) in Madagascar

Aid Management Platform (AMP) in Malawi

ODAmoz – Aid Information Management System for Mozambique

Aid Management Platform (AMP) in Nepal

ODAnic – Aid Information Management System for Nicaragua

Aid Management Platform (AMP) in Niger

Aid Management Platform (AMP) in Senegal

Aid Management Platform (AMP) in Southern-Sudan

Aid Management Platform (AMP) in Tanzania

Aid Management Platform (AMP) in Timor-Leste

Aid Management Platform (AMP) in Togo

Aid Management Platform (AMP) in Uganda