Tackling the world’s toughest problems by challenging established boundaries, incorporating lessons learned, and partnering to research and co-create impactful solutions.

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Development Gateway builds on over 15 years of technical and institutional expertise. Through developing tools, processes, and custom analyses, we help our partners better collect and understand information to achieve greater impact.

The Development Gateway team is a unique mix of techies — software engineers who research and build innovative new tools — and non-techies who understand development challenges. Most of our team members speak more than one language and have worked in various parts of the world. Project teams include members with a mix of skills, so that we approach problems with institutional as well as technical aspects in mind.

Innovation stories released by Development Gateway


Innovating for the Data Revolution

The next “big idea” in technology and data for development will not happen in a vacuum. At Development Gateway, we seek to innovate by working closely with our partners and clients, to solve their most important problems….

January 19, 2017

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Post-Habitat III reflections: An ever growing toolbox?

Last month, nearly 50,000 people convened in Quito, Ecuador to discuss the importance of cities as drivers of development worldwide. While Habitat III – the United Nations Conference on Housing and Sustainable Urban Development – showcased many success stories, the take-home message was clear…

November 16, 2016