Information Management

Analytical Dashboards
Data Visualizations
Knowledge Networks

Technical tools for better outcomes

  • Making informed decisions requires understandable data
  • Understandable data depends on organized input information and accurate impact visualization
  • Analytics platforms, databases, dashboards, and graphics enable better organization, analysis, and results

Case Study: Aid Management Platform

The collaboratively-developed Aid Management Program (AMP) includes a robust software application as well as technical, institutional, and policy support. Implemented in over 25 countries around the world, the program has a strong track record in strengthening local financial ownership, facilitating resource management, and opening up aid information to the public. Learn more about the program.


One of the largest e-procurement portals in the world providing access to tender notices, contract awards, bidding documents, and other information from national governments and development agencies. Visit

UN-Energy Knowledge Network

A public website and private collaboration portal that facilitates knowledge-sharing among 22 United Nations agencies and with the public.