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Development Gateway

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Governance(English | French)
Knowledge and Networking(English | French)
Transparency and Accountability(English | French)
e-Procurement Program(English)
AidData Overview(English)
AidData Geocoding(English | French)
Aid Management Program(English | French)
AMP Technical Overview(English | French)
What's New in AMP 2.0(English | French)
Mapping Development Assistance in AMP(English)
Knowledge Portals(English)

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Case Studies

AMP Burkina Faso Case Study(English | French)
AMP Burundi Case Study(English | French)
AMP Democratic Republic of Congo Case Study(English French)
AMP Kosovo Case Study(English | French)
AMP Malawi Case Study(English | French)
AMP Nepal Case Study(English | French)
Geocoding in Malawi(English | French)


Enabling Open Development: An Overview of Initiatives to Improve Information(English)
2011 AMP Best Practices Workshop Report(English | French)
Aid Management Program: Results in Brief(English | French)
IATI and AMP: Working Together to Increase Aid Transparency(English | French)
South-South Cooperation and the Aid Management Program(English | French)
Integrating Aid Management and Financial Management Information Systems(English)
International Development Markup Language(English)
The Role of Aid Management Systems in Facilitating Donor Coordination(English)
2010 AMP Best Practices Workshop Report(English | French)



Managing for Development Results Sourcebook (AMP Tanzania case study on p. 63) - Complete Publication(English | French | Spanish)
Managing for Development Results-AMP Section(English | French | Spanish)


Comparative Study of Data Reported to the

OECD Creditor Reporting System (CRS) and to the Aid Management Platform (AMP)


Case Stories on Capacity Development and Sustainable Results (AMP Ethiopia case study on p. 10)