Results Management

Development Gateway leverages technology to improve development results. We’re working with our partners across the globe—from governments to NGOs to donors to citizens—to harness the power of data analytics and integrate results into development planning and policy-making. We provide custom results management tools and specialized technical assistance for international organizations, NGOs and governments.

Our driving goal is to help our partners get more value from their data. In addition to technology, we design robust processes for collecting, managing and using development information, keeping it up-to-date and relevant. We also provide training and support to help partners analyze data for maximum impact. Development Gateway’s services give development leaders the tools they need to monitor progress, measure results and integrate data-driven evidence into decision-making.


Custom Data Management Applications

Information management systems are the cornerstone of effective results monitoring programs. These systems track multiple indicators across a range of projects. DG creates custom results management systems and can implement a range of open-source tools. We specialize in data management systems for governments and international organizations.

Our flagship data management system is the Aid Management Platform (AMP), implemented in 25 countries worldwide. With AMP, Development Gateway helps partners track external aid flows, plan future projects and programs, ensure alignment with global standards, and report on progress to their partners and constituents.

Development Gateway is also a global leader in GIS for international development. We build map tools that simplify analysis and promote results-based decision-making.


Information Management Consulting, Capacity Building & Institutional Strengthening

Just as important as technical tools are the skills required to use these tools well. We design data collection strategies, develop data management plans, and train clients on how to successfully collect, manage and use development data. We also geocode and map development information and train partners to maintain and use geodata. Finally, Development Gateway helps partners enhance their analytical skills, leading to products that improve development outcomes.

Custom Solution: UN-Energy Portal

In 2010, Development Gateway was contracted by UN-Energy to create an online tool to facilitate knowledge-sharing and collaboration among the 22 UN agencies working on energy issues. The Knowledge Network has explicit and discrete internal and external components. The UN-Energy external portal has been set up to serve as a one-stop-shop on member agencies’ work on energy, and provide a platform for exchanging ideas on current energy issues.

The portal contains a repository of publications and projects of member agencies, automated energy news and event feeds from external websites, an online forum, e-newsletter and links to social networking sites. It was designed to attract a diverse audience, from UN-Energy members to project managers, and from policymakers to the media. The Facebook-like internal features of UN-Energy are provided by a UN-Energy branded version of UN Teamworks to improve knowledge-sharing and collaboration among member agencies.