Open Data Advisory Services

Open data is information that can be freely used, reused, and redistributed without restriction. Development Gateway helps organizations achieve this degree of transparency and accessibility by building searchable, machine-readable databases (often from scratch) that use standardized categorization schemes, and implementing API tools that enable users to download and interact with the data. With a particular focus on development finance data, we work with agencies to open their books and engage in meaningful and constructive dialogue with consumers of information.

As a non-profit organization, Development Gateway’s mission extends beyond service provision to active engagement with the international community. In particular, Development Gateway is a key player in the aid transparency and open data movement. It is a member of the steering and technical advisory committees of the International Aid Transparency Initiative (IATI), which has established a global standard for aid information reporting, building on previous initiatives. Development Gateway is dedicated to promoting the IATI standard, and has enabled relevant portions of data available through the AidData web portal to be downloaded in the IATI standard format.

Development Gateway also works with governments and donor agencies to make their information more accessible to the public. Working with the Government of Kosovo, which implemented the Aid Management Program in 2009, Development Gateway built a website that makes all information recorded in the government’s Aid Management Platform (AMP) available to the public. On the website, users can download official aid reports, browse donor profiles, and view an Aid Map that shows aid allocation to Kosovo by principality. Working with aidinfo, Development Gateway conducted country-level pilot tests of the IATI data standard to evaluate its usefulness for developing country governments.

On the donor side, Development Gateway collaborates with a variety of organizations, such as the World Bank and African Development Bank, in order to facilitate their work on open data and emerging international aid transparency standards. Development Gateway’s academic partners in the AidData initiative have worked with 15 donor agencies to standardize their development finance data and integrate it with the AidData database. Development Gateway provides advisory services that draw on this breadth of experience with the global dialogue on standards, and country- and organization-specific projects.



The Open.AidData portal, launched in partnership with the World Bank Institute, provides resources for researchers or citizens seeking to better understand aid information, and for organizations that want to make their activities more transparent. Visit Open.AidData to access the UCDP/AidData Geocoding Methodology, which can be adapted for use by any development organization, or to download data sets from development banks and learn more about related open data initiatives.