Institutional Strengthening

Promoting local ownership is key to building a sustainable information management program. To that end, Development Gateway works closely with developing country governments and other partners to provide solutions that fit local needs, but also to build up institutional capacity to maintain those solutions.

As a neutral, non-governmental entity, Development Gateway provides a platform for governments, development agencies, and civil society agencies across borders to convene and discuss issues of mutual concern. Through institutional strengthening programs, Development Gateway provides training; support for data collection, standardization, and management; process analysis; and other advisory services.

The Aid Management Program combines software with multi-year institutional strengthening activities to improve aid information management at the country level. To give users the skills they need to use the software, Development Gateway conducts a series of structured, hands-on training programs for government administrators, business users, technical staff, and donor partners. Development Gateway supports governments in creating detailed data management plans that become road maps for ensuring that systems remain up-to-date and relevant. It can also support governments in creating official aid reports using the system.

Facilitating collaboration between system users across ministries and organizations is critical—through individual meetings and broader workshops, Development Gateway helps government and donor officials work together to determine sustainable practices for sharing information. To promote South-South collaboration, Development Gateway organizes an annual AMP Best Practices workshop, which brings delegates from AMP countries together to discuss experiences and lessons learned implementing the system. At the 2010 workshop in Nairobi, 47 delegates from 14 AMP countries engaged in dialogue on issues ranging from centralized vs. decentralized data entry, to strategies for making information transparent. In hosting these workshops, Development Gateway helps governments, donor agencies, and NGOs collaborate to achieve common development goals.

To promote institutionalization and use of new systems, Development Gateway can also provide the following types of services:

  • Support for integrating aid and financial or statistical systems
  • Support for publications and events, such as public launch events
  • Advice on the procurement of IT goods and services
  • Consulting on improving data and network security
  • Monitoring and evaluation of system use and impact


Capacity Building for Statistics

The Virtual Statistical System (VSS), built by Development Gateway for the World Bank, provides statistical offices in developing countries access to resources for statistical capacity building. These kinds of portals increase institutional capacity by linking stakeholders across agencies so that they can build on each other’s experiences and easily share new findings and innovations.