Development Gateway provides software tools and advisory services to make aid and development efforts more effective. Our information technology solutions increase access to critical information, build local capacity and bring partners together for positive change. At Development Gateway, our dual expertise in information technology and international development allows us to deliver cutting-edge and innovative solutions to country governments and international organizations on six continents. We consider ourselves a partner, not just a provider.

Development Gateway has over 10 years of experience in developing web-based software solutions for aid effectiveness, procurement, knowledge management and e-government. Working primarily with governments and donor agencies, we collect, standardize, and integrate data and design platforms through which users can access, update, and report on these data. We link data to geographic coordinates using the UCDP/AidData geocoding methodology, and build interactive maps that display these data in different ways. We also provide training, workshops, and technical support so that clients can manage IT solutions in a sustainable way.

The diverse team includes approximately 80 staff and consultants located in more than a dozen countries around the world, and thus available on a 24/7 basis. Development Gateway recruits professionals with an impressive record of academic and career success, and substantial experience in international development. Our team members have extensive knowledge on ICT for development issues as well as hands on experience implementing complex software engineering solutions.

Two-thirds of Development Gateway’s personnel are located in developing countries, including at offices in Kenya and Senegal. Many have prior work experience with multilateral and bilateral institutions, governments, NGOs, and private sector firms. Around 40 are software developers.