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The latest stories released by DG

scrum communication

Why Does DG Use Scrum?

Have you ever wondered how the software you use gets built? We at Development Gateway use the “Scrum” approach to develop our software. Scrum is a group of software development methods that wrap around existing engineering practices. Scrum easily handles changing priorities, improves communication, maximizes cooperation, increases productivity and it detects and promotes early removal of obstacles. The basic tenets of Scrum are that is it empirical, iterative, incremental, feature-based, and business value-driven.

May 26, 2015

gender imbalance graph

Unlocking Old Problems with New Tools

Based on data from the World Bank, found here, there are an estimated 60 more million men than women on this planet. This difference is the highest ever recorded and is driven by preference for sons in India and China. Case closed, no need to do further analysis right? Well not so fast…

May 22, 2015

IATI incremental funding

IATI and Country Systems: DG Working Paper

This blog post introduces a new DG working paper on the use of IATI data in country Aid Information Managements Systems (AIMS). The working paper aims to help inform discussions at the IATI TAG and Steering Committee Meetings, to be held in Ottawa from May 30-June 2…

May 21, 2015